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NopFinance: Inzicht als je het nodig hebt

What is our goal?

NopFinance was designed and developed as an easy to extent Windows desktop ERP application for small and medium sized business.

Updating NopFinance should be as easy as 1.2.3; and be done automatically and wizard free.

NopFinance should provide the developer(s) with the latest insights in .Net application development and distribution.

NopFinance should provide the lead developer with more knowledge on Accounting and its concepts. 


See the documentation Table of Contents for an overview of all available NopFinance documentation. You may want to have a look at the Getting Started Guide if this is your first encounter with NopFinance. If your're interested in developing NopFinance plugins, or add to its core then have a look at our Cook book Documentation.

Downloading and Installing

More to come....

License and Usage

NopFinance is published under a GPL (General Public License) license. GPL gives you the possibility of selling your plugins commercially inside our Open Source solution. 

See Licensing page for details on copyright and usage of the NopFinance software.

Interessant voor u?

Ontdek wat NopFinance voor uw bedrijf kan betekenen.

Keep your fingers of the keyboard and at the screen. Let the robots do the work!

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